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Deus Dimidiam
38 Level
142,834 Experience
4,637,071,144 Damage
10.3125 Economy skill
2341 Strength
Day 1 Birthday
3 / 47 National by XP
3 / 47 National by DMG
11 / 1,487 Global by XP
5 / 1,487 Global by DMG
Political office President of Germany
Military unit Special Forces Germany
Party UPD
Working at
Active debts
  • 99999.0 Gold
    (payback time 100 game day )
    Reason : Debt agrees in contract 23560
  • 9999.0 Gold
    (payback time 100 game day )
    Reason : Debt agrees in contract 23736
  • 750.0 Gold
    (payback time 120 game day )
    Reason : Debt agrees in contract 17883

4,643 / 14,513
Critical hit:
9,286 / 29,026
Base critical chance
12.5 %
+8.17 %
+8.42 %
+6.74 %
Total critical chance
35.83 %
35.83 %
Base miss chance
12.5 %
-8.26 %
-7.83 %
Overall miss chance
-3.59 %
0.0 %
Base chance to avoid DMG:
5.0 %
+6.53 %
+6.71 %
+7.233 %
+7.79 %
Overall chance to avoid DMG
33.26 %
33.26 %
Base chance to use less weapons per berserk
Final chance to use less weapons per berserk
0.0 %
Base chance to find a weapon
Final chance to find a weapon
0.0 %
Free flight base chance
5.0 %
Free flight final chance
0.0 %
0.0 %
  • x3
  • x9
  • x9
  • x1068
  • x21
  • x42
Friends (117)
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Total achievements: 127 of 241See all achievements
Imagine WW2 after USA intervened:

USA just landed In the Normandy and fights hard vs Germany even manages to free France.
After that UK, France and USSR write article and say well we are neutral now and let USA alone vs Germany.

We call it the Gamma Way

Germany took over all Cure enemys for them and was left alone.
No matter how you justify it, you are just not loyal and trustworthy at all.

KFZV posted 20 hours ago

Good fighting today guys o7

With 700kk Total Damage we almost made as twice as much Damage then the second place.

We fight well, and brave but we stand alone against many.Try to stay calm guys, you can be proud !

There is no shame in accepting defeat under those circumstances. Sadly Gamma decided today to stay neutral and keep expanding while we shield them with draining attention.

I rather go down proud then win and making deals with cheaters !
KFZV posted 1 day ago

Today is a great day.
Our army reached the gates of Rom.
The citizen of Italy gladly welcomed their rightful king.

Today we celebrate the Recreation of the Holy Roman Empire and crown the beloved KFZV as emperor.

Since we are here already I also would like to introduce to you your new pope: rkiIler9999 and Lord of Italy Manhattan .

As the ritual demands, we will celebrate this joyful occasion with bread and Games (Battles).
KFZV posted 4 days ago

Guide how to increase profits:

1. Buy Gold 1x 50 Euro BB
2. Create Unit and put your Nations Org as Leader
3. Create Vpns and let them work on Unit Company.

Its safe don`t worry.

If you get a fine, write admin that you buyed gold.
Also nobody can tell for sure that the vpns were yours.
So your org gets the fine.
And if org can't pay .. well congrats you made huge profits .


KFZV posted 5 days ago

Its this time again..

Todays damage: 1,183,583,273

Hugh o7
KFZV posted 8 days ago

@ Yandere just got 20 more days to pay its fine. Apparently someone uses visa power to avoid his punishment. Others would get banned for using 27 Vpn Multis.

The fact that he tries to avoid a little 5k fine, which is way less then he gained in form of profits, is just a shame.

Call me arrogant or impulsiv but at least I play fair !

This game is so rigged .
KFZV posted 10 days ago

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